Retriving user name & pass from access database

hieeeeeee there…
i have access database on my site, which contain username and password.
now i want to identify the username and password from access database from my flash file and let the user know wherether there password is correct or no? if yes then it goes and plays nextFrame();. ( i want my flash file to retrive data from the access file)

please help.

u guess today is sunday thats y no answer :slight_smile:

This will search a MS Access database and send values back to flash. it should give you a good start.

there we go again… well everything is responding correctly, when i click the login button… it verify the username and password from my access data base through login.asp file and it gives me response on my flash that its correct.

Response.Write "message=" & Server.URLEncode(oRS("username"))& "&var2=" & Server.URLEncode(oRS("password"))

now my probelm is :
if the password and username is right i want my flash file to go and play a specific frame… how do i do it?? please help.

 asp code is here.. 
Dim oRS, oConn
set oRs=server.createobject("ADODB.recordset")
Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")"dsn=DSNvazbo;persist security info=false;"
oRS.Open "SELECT * FROM logininfo", oConn, 2, 3
oRS.Find "username = '" & UCase(Request.QueryString("name"))& "'"
oRS.Find "password = '" & UCase(Request.QueryString("password")) & "'"
If oRS.EOF Then
Response.Write "message=Not+Found" & "&var2=Not+found"
Response.Write "message=" & Server.URLEncode(oRS("username"))& "&var2=" & Server.URLEncode(oRS("password"))
End If
Set oRS = Nothing
Set oConn = Nothing

i have attached the flash file. please help.