Return and First Commercial Game Attempt

Hello all.

So a long time ago I got into computers and programming and eventually game design through the use of Flash MX (student edition) back when it was owned by macromedia. I learned so much in my time doing that, and a good portion of my learning came from the Kirupa forums. Since then I have learned more, but been on and off when it comes to this. I have switched careers several times, and while still not content on what I currently do, I do still enjoy working on video games.

Very recently I decided to try my hand at my first Commercial video game where I will attempt to make a profit. This is 100% made by 1 person, me. Though I have enlisted the use of assets through the asset store to help speed up the process. So for my first game I decided to make a multiplayer experience with up to 8 friends using the Unity Game Engine as I’ve grown accustomed with Java, and then transitioned my way into only C# for it’s optimal capabilities.

As I progress on this project I wanted to share my work with people, but I didn’t want to throw too much out as it’s still in early development and didn’t want to spoil the ideas too much. And as I feel I started on Kirupa with my learning and growth I figured this would be the first place I would post what is to come. Bring it all back to the beginning for me.

I will cut this here and follow up with another post with links to pictures and perhaps a video along with a description of what the game is.

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All photos have been scaled down 50% to reduce size on screen/post. All photos are listed as pictures are ordered. But here you can see the main connection screen, the in game lobby as it currently is, the main menu/games list, and the first in game shot of the sack race game mode.

So what am I looking at?

Well it’s simple. My game is an online multiplayer game that is packed with many different game modes all into one. Thus far I have the sack race which is dodging obstacles and slapping your friends with the back of your hand as you go. And I also have a first person game mode named Finger Bang where you shoot energy blasts from your finger at your friends.

I want to note that I have intentions of more game modes going in, but decided to keep it simple. I had finished the finger bang mode but Unity deprecated its multiplayer networking solution and I have had to relearn another. I have thus far allowed players to create their nicknames, create rooms/lobbys, and even start the game as well as play the level with friends. I will show off what I can in a video once I get the chance to record/upload one.

This game will be up to 8 friends in a game at a time, as I feel most games should these days. More info and content to come.

I’ll be following along, your story sounds similar to mine. Similar background and one person game creations. I had to go back and check my work, it turns out our games are different in that mine don’t seem to have penis everywhere but other than that the first paragraph is me too.

I was working on a game a few years ago I promised to show here and I never did. You’ve inspired me to go dig it up.


This is really nice to see, @Lord_Rahl! I too will be following along to see your progress, not just because I feel I have known you forever, but also because what you are creating sounds like a boatload of fun haha :stadium:

Hehehe, tbo you noticed it. This game’s humor is gonna be along the line of Conker’s Bad Fur Day in that it’s adult humor across the board but without the bleeps that Conker’s had. And while I know some of it is a bit extreme, I’ve also done small secret research with the younger guys who work in my area to see what their thoughts were on some of the content without giving away too much and it seemed to be a hit. The one you noticed was the king’s throne in the first map, Royal Welcome.

That said, you should definitely show your game off here as well. I’ve always enjoyed my time on this forum and it helps with ideas without leaking too much out to everyone on the market as opposed to posting on Unity’s or Unreal’s sites.

Just you guys wait though, I’ve gotta fix an issue with the backhand swings for the players over the network and then I’m gonna make a video showing it off. The first game mode will be 100% complete and all I will have to do is placeholders/level design. Then it’s onto the Finger Bang game mode!

Where will you publish a commercial game with partially obscene content?

Fun fact: I was at the show when ween wrote the song “finger bangin” in a trash dumpster parking lot.

Not sure atm. The biggest problem with this kind of game is the backlash that comes with it from the people outside looking in or not keen to such vulgar humor. I originally wanted to make a game for steam because even with the cost to get it on there and make sales it’s still one of the largest networks/homes for games out there. But I haven’t read enough into their process beyond the more obvious requirements for getting games on steam.

Plus, my game is already designed to region lock players so I want to keep my audience as open in every direction. And steam would be good for that. But again, the kind of humor will make it difficult I feel whether it’s in the US or not. I will say though if I have to tune down the humor a bit I will, but I don’t want to take too much out. Maybe removing the kings penis shaped throne would be one thing. But part of the reason why people have liked it thus far is for the joking humor of things like “finger banging your friends” in death match.

Also, that’s awesome about the ween song. I love when things spontaneously fall into place like that.

First video showing a little bit of the gameplay and a bit of talking about what I have in store for this game. Gameplay is at about 11:34 minutes in. Again, this game does have some dirty lewd humor. Keep that in mind when watching the gameplay. lol:grimacing::face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face::woozy_face::laughing::sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

There is no link

Yep! There sure isn’t!! LOL! I guess I’ve been working too much overtime lately. I’m forgetting very obvious things all around.

Video is here!

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Hello everyone. I am new here. Interesting thread, thanks for the information :stuck_out_tongue: