Reverse-engineering a .swf

Hey guys,

So I am doing a project for a company that basically just needs to make their old site work. I don’t know how this company did it, but it works in IE perfectly… but not firefox/safari. Anyways…

The web-design company did not provide the .fla files for the animation on this site. So, using the trial version of SWFDecompiler (which might be the problem because i cannot view the AS in the trial), i made the .fla file. For the simple animations it worked fine, but for the menu its a little bit tricky.

I managed to do everything i need, except the menu is no longer functional. It continue’s to loop endlessly and does not function as a menu.

I am not really all that great with flash and certainly have never programmed a menu… If any one can give me some basic things i could try or at least where i could look in order to accomplish this it would be GREATLY appreciated…

Here is the re-compiled menu. The .fla is in the same dir just incase anyone wants to grab that.

-thanks for any potential solutions!