Reversing Animation

This is a little hard to explain so please bear with me.

I have a button and a movie clip. I want to tell target the mc using the RollOver and RollOut actions that I have applied to my button. However, I want the movieclip to reverse rather than have the mc just jump to a named frame where the animation is created in reverse.

If I can just get a script that will make the frames of that mc reverse rather than recreate the whole thing in reverse manually then it would say an awful lot of file space, also you wouldn’t get that jerky motion if you were to roll off your button before the first sequence of the animation is played, thus making the mc jump to your rollout sequence before the RollOver sequence had finished. Am I making sence or just babbling?

Anyone who can help would be my new friend!!

use prevFrame();
for the mc
onClipEvent(enterFrame) {

if(_root.mcplayreverse) {

or sumthin’ like this…
and on the button you put th action to trigger it.

on(rollOver) {;
_root.mcplayreverse = false;

_root.mcplayreverse = true;
And the in the first frame of the anim put the actions
_root.mcplayreverse = false;
… it should work… =)

It didn’t work. The animation didn’t play.

Movieclip.prototype.backUp = function(howManyFrames) {
	this.createEmptyMovieClip('revController', 100);
	this.revController.howMany = howManyFrames;
	this.revController.onEnterFrame = function() {
		if (this._parent._currentframe>1 and this.howMany>0) {
		} else {

I forget where I got that, I think it was Anywho… edit what is bold.

Also, you can apply the “<B>timelineToReverse</B>.backUp(<B>howManyFramesToReverse</B>);” on a button.

Ah yes… here it is…

hum… ok I screwed sumthn’ up :-
lostinbeta to the rescue!

And here I’ve been slaving away manualy reversing my MC’s to play out. I’ll have to check this out tonight and see if it works with my animations.:beam:

Thanks everyone!

no problem :slight_smile:

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