Using actionscript to play an animation in reverse

hello all!
i just join the forum so bare with me if im not as clear with my question right off -here it goes, ok im in the process of developing my third flash site the difference in this site and all the others is that im utilizing flash more, trying to take advantage of actionscript and i have a movieclip in which im presenting a slide show of pictures so to speak only its animated with fwd and rev buttons and as you probably have guessed i want to “play the animation in reverse” i know i can copy the frames reverse the sequence then send the playhead to a particular frame and play the animation in reverse that way but im sure there is a way to do it with actionscript -ive looked at the _currentFrame and _PrevFrame ?commands? but the only results ive come up with sends the playhead to a particular frame -as mentioned before im not too advanced with scripting but i am familiar with Lingo and some javaScript would a repeat loop be useful with either of the commands i mention earlier i.e. _currentFrame/_prevFrame:q: :eye: :hangover: [COLOR=red]hello all![/COLOR]

some of these might be useful

You can try something like create an empty movieclip and give it an instance name of something like “reverseMC” for example and inside that movieclip create 4 frames:

give frame 2 a label name of “Go”
give frame 3 a label name of “Begin”

now in frame 1 of that “reverseMC” movie clip, place a stop action…
on frame 2 place this action:

gotoAndPlay ("Begin");

and on frame 4 place this script:

tellTarget (_root) 
	prevFrame ();

if(_root._currentFrame != 1)

Now go back to your main timeline and place this script to the last frame of your movie:

stop ();

I attached a sample to help you see what I’m talking about and I’m sure you’ll get it, it’s pretty straight forward.

And there was a whole thread on this before…

Maybe that will help you out.

Also… DON’T CROSSPOST! I got all confused and stuff and stuff, so I deleted your other thread, which recieved no replies anyway.