Rewind movieclip

Hello all!!

I have a main_menu.swf that holds, you guessed it, the main menu :slight_smile:

The main menu moves its _y value on all the different menu buttons depending on the contents of the .swf that holds the contents that I load into the main_menu.swf

I have the whole menu going all the way down on the page when the button “projects” is pressed and just afew pixels down from its original position when “contact” is pressed.
These effects are done by jumping on the timeline in main_menu.swf to go to the different menu options.

Now, I need a way to rewind the movieclip that the next movie loads from. Otherwise the menu will just appear from nowhere if I click a button that starts the main_menu effect from another position.

More or less, a code that knows where on the timeline its currently at, and then knows which movieclip to rewind in order to then load the next framelabel.

Or maybe abit easier, just rewinds the movieclip that its currently at before going to the next framlabel. I think that explains it better :slight_smile:

Anyways, I´d be forever greatful if someone can point me in the right direction with this problem.

All the best!.