Rich college dropouts

it’s interesting seeing college dropouts getting big and successful such as Michael Dell and Steve Jobs.

I don’t know how they became so rich without education. It is hard to believe.

How can an investor bet money on these people

Are you being sarcastic? :sweat_smile:

I find the Kardashians and any of the millionaire social media personalities far more mind blowing than anyone EVER in a tech field. These people are the pet rock of the 2000’s, the jokes on us.

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How do you start a computer comapany without any skills? Its mine blowing and difficult.

Having computer skills is helpful when creating a computer company, but having a good idea and the ability to identify smart people could totally make up for not having that! :computer:

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Virtually every person whom has ever accomplished anything worthwhile has failed but carried on through perseverance and determination towards their goals. Thomas Edison could be considered to be in tech of his day yet he failed at the light bulb 10,000 times.

Anything can be learned, but you can’t teach a person to overcome and succeed. At some point they need to carry that battle onward alone.

Embrace failure and go it, dont stop until you reach what you want to accomplish.


Similarly to the wright brothers. They are truly amazing people who did not have higher education and made a flying machine.