Some help would be appreciated

Hey Kirupa friends I hope you can help me out :puzzled:

      I'm a university student, well, I used to be anyway. Rather, I should say that at one point in time I was enrolled into a university, and even though I was given alot of 2nd chances, I ended up failing all my courses. Ended up with 0's in most of my courses. You may wonder how it is possible for one to end up with a 0. Frankly put, I never went to class and since I wasn't paying for my education, I never bothered to drop any courses. 

      I continued this for approximately a year and a half with a lot of begging for 2nd chances on my part, but in the end I fell into the same mistake of not sticking to it to the end. 

      These days, I work, but I very much would like to have some kind of degree under my belt for securing a better future for myself. I'd rather not shift from one crappy job to another for the rest of my life. Thus my question is do other universities offer failures like me a chance to redeem myself? I'm not talking about Continuing studies here, I want to enroll into an undergrad program. 

       For those who are wondering, I reside in Canada so take that into account when answering the question. I know the best option for me is to email each University that I intend to enroll into and ask for the best course of action to get there, but I'd just like to know if it is even possible to get enrolled in considering the mistakes that I've made and the grades that I've got.