Right forum? No ideaaaa

Just wanted to post a link to my forum if you fancy checking it out. We have some really random e-mails written by drunken people and our very own BigBrother storyline.

The housemates were woken up at 5am by a bold big brother annoucement. They were told to stay in the bedrooms because of a crazed lunatic attemptin to impale himself on the chicken coop wire. The lunactic, a scottish lad named malcolm was later to tell the Daily Star everyone deserves their five minutes of fame. Raz had a go at big brother claiming everyone was asleep so the annoucement was pointless. Loser Bill quite pissed off because he went to bed at half 3 the previous night, seemed to go off the rails. He squirmed from his bed sheets and headbutted the nearest wall. Epo pulled out her mouth organ and gave everyone a cheeky number. Mally told her his band was better and there was no need for her charisma. The housemates were later issued with their first task, mating hamsters to the family size of 50. After much debate they bet all their money on the task. Big Brother later issued the house with a female and male hamster along with sawdust, food and a cage

To see how the housemates are doing, visit thebig7.co.uk