The BADDEST thing youv done [?]

Alright well since when I was younger I was a little bit of a rebal I thought id ask what are some of the badest things that youv done before? When I say tell me your badest thing I mean to an extent, I dont really want people telling me about assult charges or something along those lines,

Well ill explain the badest thing iv done before below and im sorry if theres been a thread like this before.**

My Badest Thing:** Well 5 years ago (i was 13) I was at home with my brother and mum was at dinner with work at this bistro which will remain nameless. Anyway we had a computer program that what you typed it would say through sound in the speakers. Anyway I thought we could do some prank calls with it & out come the phone books. Anyway we found the number of the bistro where mum was and we made a fake bomb threat and we rang back about another 3 times saying they had x amount of time to get out of the building.

Anyway we didnt ring back after about the 4th time and just went on with our night. Hours past and mum arrived home. She explained to us that there was a bomb threat and the whole bistro was evacuated and there were road blocks on the main roads. And to my brothers stupidest mouth he just come out and said “oh yeah Ben did that” and mum went What? and he repeated the same thing. Anyway I was quick to say no I didnt do that and then my brother finally said “nah he didnt really”. We went to bed and the next morning mum went through the recent call lists and what does she find? yup the bistros number!! I got my assss kicked from here to china!!

In the end the never traced it somehow I was luckly, but it did make the Channel 10 news. Im not that bad now, iv matured and am pretty normal and reasponsible, but back when I was young I was pretty bad…