Ripple effect

Yeah i know. :slight_smile: I’m very close to achieving the desired effect, however, i have been stopped dead in my tracks. I Used Pom’s Real/Fake Mask Drag tutorial, so I have that set, however, my problem is getting the ripples to mask…\r\rI have the background, and then I have the other movieclip that is supposed to mask the background (ripple). However, it either does not mask, or it only masks the first frame of the “ripple” mc…\r\ri’m stuck…any ideas?\r\r(oh, btw…the ripple MC is dragged by the mouse, so the ripples follow the mouse. I saw an effect like this, a looooong time ago, probly in the days of Flash 3, and i was curious how to go about it, so I have been trying for the last few weeks…)

I don’t know anything on how to do the ripple effect (I saw you used the reaf fake dragmask… How ?) but there was a post about that here…2185.topic\rI hope this canhelp you.\r\rpom 0]

that link just took me to the Flash 5 forum. I used your tutorial because that was the only way for me to get the mask to behave correctly. Now I have the mask, but I can’t get the MC to tween and mask…its just not working correctly…

Oups… Sorry for the link. The ezboard may have deleted the post.\rAbout your footers, they look cool ! And that random load is nice ! I like the blur very much, by the way. And the matrix effect too.\r\rpom 0]

thanks pom…i’m currently working on a ray of light one, and another cool effect that is a surprise, but it will take me a few days, because I have a lot of school work, and my new g/f is taking up a bunch of my time :slight_smile: