Rofl this made my day

So today i was studyin at the local library for the upcoming exam. I was in the quite section with other student, there were also other people reading, but the thing is there it is really quite and silent. In the same room, there are some computers so people can use to do some work or go over the internet. So today among them, was this dude, visiting and watching some nasty adult site. ( U may ask how do i know what he was doing while i was supposed to study… but let me finish). I don’t know what he did, but the sound must have been really loud because at certain moment, i don’t know if he removed his headphones or if he forgot to turn off the sound… suddenly the sound from movies he was watching just spread all over the room and really louder. Rofl Everybody was laughing then and he was so embarrassed and try to act like nothin was happenin… still now when i think about it i’m :lol: