Rollout effect

Could someone please perform a simple rollover rollout fla document for me. I have searched all these forums and cannot figure out out to get this to work in flash mx. All I want is a button when rolling over to slide text from alpha 0 to alpha 100 and moving toward the button. and on rollout to do the opposite.
Thanks for your help.

Here ya go

finally, someone that makes sense. Thank you very much. Now its time to try this on my own.

no problem, i’m still learning too, aren’t we all :beam:

thanks again. I did my own version.
and I used the instance name.
and it worked
your the man.:beam:

yes yes i no i’m the man, :stuck_out_tongue: , jk hope your website turns out the way u want it.

You’re in New York and your posting here? Do you have electricity? :stuck_out_tongue:

ahahahah, u heard about that, lol, we got electricity back 7 in teh morning, but half the city doesn’t have any. Penn Station (Train Station) doesn’t have electricity either = NO TRAINS!!! :crazy:

And all the people that were stuck in the metro …