Rollover (an easier one I promice)

Yes im back again with my rollover business :slight_smile:

OK I tried to use the tutorials, and edit Lost’s script for my other project but im stuck. All I want to do this time is have a button, and when the user rolls the mouse over it, an image will appear at the bottom of the flash, and then disapear when the user rolls off the button, very simple, I think it might not even need code, I tried to use the basic button animation but couldent get it right… thx for any help, I swear I’ll learn this someday lol, i’m trying some easier projects in the hope it’ll fill in the blanks.

  • John

I modified one I did earlier for some here at Kirupa:

One, second I forgot the disappear bit, brb…

The images disappear now. The buttons fade in and out, so you might want to add fading in, or out, to the images.

yup thats exactly what I want to do, I’ll play around with it and see what I can put together, thx very much for the help Flex :slight_smile:

Sorry Flex, I took a look at your file, the only thing I dont understand is how to get the “instance of: content” thing in my movie? do you just insert new symbol? or do you open up something for editing?? thx

  • John

oh just one other thing, I dont want my other buttons to fade out, so shall I just delete the unneccesary code?

Depends what effect you want - do you want them all, alpha 50 %, then the one you roll over on goes to 100%, or do you want no fading at all. If you can remove the code - go ahead - otherwise tell me what you want changed and I’ll repost the fla…

In the fla, contens is a movie clip. You can edit it. It appears as just a small circle in the middle of the screen (because the first frame is blank).

no I dont ant any fading at all, I just dont undertsand what the “instance of: content” thing is? is there any chance you can explain?

I’ll do another fla, one sec…

thx, I realy apreciate it :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to explain in this fla - basically the buttons point to a movie clip called content - the instance name is also content.

Just edit the contents movie clip and edit the frames to what you want. Change the buttons to point to the frame you want, and always point to frame 1 for the roll out - ie. no image.

For more buttons, just drag the button from the library onto the stage, copy and paste the code from the other buttons and change the frame numbers. Simple

Let me know if you still have difficulty.

thanks alot for that m8, I got it working the way I want it and all is well :slight_smile:

  • John