Rollover boubble

Hi. Im working on a site for a client i i dont have mutch time left.
Therefor i have desided(ignor my bad spelling=) to do something i have no idea how to do!=)

The thing is im trying to get into action scripting but i lack any good exampels(and i dont have to mutch time now=)

What i want to make is a rollover function for buttons. When u roll over a “cartoon boubble” Whith tekst inside it appers and follows your pointer, it dissepears when u roll out or push the button to go to the next scene.

Can anyone help me whith the codes for this? I think i kinda know how to make it, im guessing its a simple load action for getting the boubble…but i realy dont know.=)


Lets say the bubbles name is “bubble”…

then on rollover (actions for the button):


And then the actions for the bubble itself:


That should do it…

Anyone know how i make the boubble follow the mouse cursor inside the buttons HIT area?

And thanks again for the help. I joust found this plase and it cool=)

yeah, just put this code on the button too:


do i have to put them in a spesial order for them to work, like first the roll ins then the roll outs?

No it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

At least i don’t think so…

now i will make my deadline=)

If you can’t make it work, just post the fla here :slight_smile:

I’ll gladly fix it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

i think this file should help.

enjoy :slight_smile:

i cant get i to work elisoe. I get this : Scene=kontakt, Layer=mobil, Frame=36: Line 4: ‘;’ expected

The thing is,…im stupid=) This is my first thing beyond stop and start=)

ive put the file here. coud you help me?

The action is on the mobile phone. And the boubble is on the left side of the stage.

I CANT GET THE STUPID FILE TO GO UNDER 2.9 MEGS AN I REMOVED EVERYTHING. can u get it via mail? or do u get the error message?


I’ve seen many people haveing that same problem :slight_smile:

If you have ICQ, send it too me that way (54774078) :slight_smile:

btw: Are you danish? I saw a scene named “kontakt”…

did u get to download it?
i cant see it in the board.

tying to reatch u on icq now=)

All taken care of now people :slight_smile:

coulda just downloaded my file … but noooooooooooo gotta do it the hardway … hope you got it working :slight_smile:

here’s an example without the text … just replace the object in the popupmc with whatever you want to follow the mouse while over the button