Rollover btn and on rollover state

Hello. I am trying to make a button go to another state when you rollover it. The functionality is working but the button is flashing when you rollover. It is only being “read” when you hit the letters. Do I need to add an invisable button behind? If so, how do I do this?

Also, I am using a font I downloaded from a site you guys suggested (thanks!), but I was wondering if it is static text will it be read on others computers when they dont have this font? If I embed the font wont it make the file size really large??

Any help would be great!

I attached the fla and swf

Thanks!! =)

i didn’t look at your fla, but your button’s probably flashing b/c it’s just going over the text as you suspected. so inside your button, make another layer and in it, create a rectangular box and convert it to an mc. then set that mc’s alpha=0. it will then be part of the button, but not visible.

static text will be visible regardless of what font it’s in. embedding the font should not create issues with file size b/c most fonts have small file sizes to begin with.

Actually, my button is really a mc, so Im not sure where to place the invisible button at the top level or inside the mc
thanks again…

i’d place it within the mc.

Here is the code I have on the button currently. The button had dynamic text in it before, but I changed the dynamic text to static text and now it does not seem to be working so well. Do you have any ideas? I did drop in a movie clip into the file underneath the mc, but nothing happend, which means im not targeting the path correctly. The cursor would just sit on the text and nothing would happen. I know I need to place a button and take this code and place it on the button instead of the text, but I dont know how to redirect this action below to affect the text. ugh.

on (rollOver) {
on (press) {
//this is sub2
this.activated = 1;

//turns off other buttons
_parent.sub1.activated = 0;
_parent.sub3.activated = 0;

//closes other rollout


on (rollOut) {

ok. i looked at your fla and added in an invisible mc to fix things. well, it’s not currently invisible, but you can obviously change it to invisible. it’s inside your company1 mc. should be easy to see.

thank you for your help!

one other quick question…when i try to convert the graphic to an invisible buttion it doesnt read it. do you know why this is?

i guess i can cheat by making the fill match the background color?

i’m not really sure what you mean by this, but my guess is that you’re forgetting to do it in all 3 keyframes within that mc.