Rollover button and text flashing

My problem is when you rollover the movie clip it is only seeing the text, so it has a hard time acting as a button. I tried placing an invisible button inside the movie clip, but it is not working.

i just cant seem to figure it out. ugh.

Please check out the fla file…

Thank you for any help!!!


Not sure what you are trying to achieve and what the problem is. when i click “company”, “firm” comes down. Click “company” again and “firm” goes away. is that not what you want? What is supposed to happen?

Thanks for looking at my file. The functionality of the button is working. The problem is that when you rollover “FIRM” it is suppose to go white. It does this but with problems. It is flashing because it only sees the text and not the invisible button I have place behind it to give the user a large area to click on the “FIRM” button. Im not sure if I should move the invisbible button up a level or what??


if you are not going to make “firm” do anything but turn white (and link to something else), i would make “firm” and button, not a graphic with an invisible button and the other stages of “clicked” and “rollover”.

like this

hmmmm…I cant view the file you sent. I think it may be corrupt or something. Can you please resend? Or zip/stuffit?

Im an idiot. I seriously cant open the file. ugh. ugh.
Do you have a mac or a pc? maybe you need to stuffit instead of zip it? I dont know why that would matter, but who knows.

thanks again…

well, could be that i’m using mx2004 professional??? what version are you on???

im using flashmx.

try this mx file instead…

Ok! I got it. (thanks) I see what your doing with making it a button, but what I wanted to happen is when you click the “FIRM” button it will stay white, which was working before. I just wanted a larger hit area…more than just the letters.

Is this moving in the right direction?

well…here’s what i came up with. i deleted some code that you may need to put back in to link to other MCs.

wow. lots of code. ugh. i will study it.
thanks for all your help!!!

i was wondering, is there any way to thank you guys…ie…links back to kirupa on our sites or something?


no…i don’t work for kirupa or anything. just someone who has asked several times for help from this forum (always with plenty of help from other posters), and just helping out someone else as i was once helped…

thank you for all your help today!