Rollover & FlashMX

I just upgraded to FlashMX, and I am trying to have the same Rollover effect as in this tutorial and it doesnt work…I tried with the “new” command like this

on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {

and nothing…I attached the .fla so you can see what I mean.

the way you are going about this looks very difficult and confusing, i created a button with the effect I think you are looking for which should be much easier to deal with.

Sh!t…you’re right…I dont know why I didn’t just do it via the button itself, thanks. One question though, why do I need a separate layer for the actions like you have in the button timeline, and what exactly did you name ‘this’ was that the button or…?

About the actions layer it isn’t necessary but it’s just a good habit to get into. This way if someone else needs to look at or modify your scripting it’s easier to find. You will find a lot of flash designers add an empty actions layer to put all their scripting into.

this. is a flash command referring to the target that has that scripting on it. In this case since you are clicking the button it is referring to the button you clicked. You could create every button with that same code and they would all work because this is referring to the button that the script was executed from. Hope that made sense.

Oh, I get it now. Thanks a lot.