Rollover problems... please help :(

this is my second time asking- the first time i got one response, which was directed toward something other than my problem. i know that some of you out there could figure something like this out in a cinch, but i don’t use flash nearly as often (i’m more of an html person), and i’m just stumped on this relatively easy flash effect.

i’m having problem with getting a rollover to work using this code:

on (rollOver) {
tellTarget ("/rollover") {
on (rollOut) {
tellTarget ("/rollover") {

now, i can get the first rollover button to work, but every time i put another button on, it no longer functions correctly. this is really bugging me because i’ve gotten it to work before, and it looks like i’m doing everything right, but it’s still not working.

you can see my problem on this page. if you mouse over the “projects” button the first time, it works perfectly, in that the flowers bunch in and out in accordance to the mouse-over. but if you go over it a second time, it doesn’t activate on roll-over, and then the flowers start appearing when you rollout, which is not what i want :asleep:

i just don’t know why it always works with one (in this case, the “about” works perfectly), but malfunctions once another comes in, even though it seems everything is programmed correctly.

any help? please? my .fla is located here

oh, and don’t mind the other sections. i just started this .fla last night and really don’t have much up yet.

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Have you checked this tutorial?

nj_jcarter- …interesting. but i’m a girl.

claudio- yeah, that’s where i originally got it from. i figured it out, turns out i just mislabeled something.

i hate when that happens (mislabeling things). 9 out of 10 times it’s a forgotten instance name or simple spelling error.