Rollover with multiple links


I’ve inherited a job that sounds simple but I need some advice. Here’s the layout - I have a map of the US with rollover buttons in a few of the states. When you rollover the buttons (they are small black dots) the name of the place appears to the right and if clicked, it takes you to a detail page (not dynamic). Pretty straight forward right?

Here’s what I’ve been asked to do - when someone rolls over a button (the small black dot), I need to make a larger graphic of the particular state selected fade in or grow and expand over top of the original state. In the larger graphic that appears, I need to create buttons/links to the detail page. If the end user decides to try another state, I need for it disappear once they roll off.

The reason - more buttons (the small black dots) will be added and will start to crowd the smaller state images and I need to offer a way to kinda zoom in and bring the info for each state into a larger more readable view.

To get a better idea, here’s a look at the web page:

Any feedback, advice, tutorials would be much appreciated.


Make each “button” a Movie Clip that’s really a mini-movie of the inset map.
So: The Woodlands MC has a first frame the just has the name and a Stop. But underneath that is an invisible button that’ll take you to frame 2, which has the animation of the enlarging map section (and a Stop). So you now have a button Inside a Movie clip.
Then: Inside the animation of the enlarging map section are maybe more hidden buttons that can launch the details page or whatever you want. You can also tell this enlarged map to go away on MouseOut (go to a frame 3 which fades out the animation), which ultimately returns the Movie Clip to frame 1.

Here’s a pretty simple map with nested clips. The main button controls rollOver text, an enlarging panel on Click (that can contain it’s own buttons), and a disappearing panel on ClickAgain…