How can I make a text that when I mouse over it that it display a certain page, instead of clicking it.

first you’ll need to convert your text to movie clip [ F8 ]
then paste the following actionscript in the movie clip

on (rollOver) {
     getURL("place here the page you'd like to display", _self)

you can change ‘_self’ to ‘_blank’ if you want it to open in a new window


I meant like

on (release) {

like on the fullsite tutorial but a mouse over version, cause the full site one opens when I click on it…

Thanks for the previous help:)

same idea … change

on (release) {


on (rollOver) {

Thanks for the help, how can I make a pic load before that like on instead of a person rolloving over the little pic to see a bigger pic how I make it load that pic to take up the space when a person goes to that site…