Rollovers not refreshing

I’ve got my rollovers working, but they’re not refreshing if you mouseover them real fast. I assume it’s because it’s not catching the “mouseOut”.

Here’s the code:

on (rollOver) {
gotoAndPlay (2);

on (rollOut) {
gotoAndPlay (18);

Here’s the URL, check it out:

Any way to clean this script up?

interesting behavior. If you rollout of the mouse by going to the right (horizontally only), they all rollout fine. If you go up or down, they don’t. I have no idea what is wrong. Do you have enough space between buttons? Any other code underneath?

I have had the same problem before… :( I just can’t remember how I fixed it… :(

you might try reversing the order… in other words, put the rollout first… :-\

may not work, but you might want to give it a try… along with making the hit states smaller…

If I remember, I will let you know…:elderly:


I’ve seen odd behavior with overlapping buttons. Maybe that is what is happening here.

I´ve had the same problem. What I did was to create the animation for the rollout behavior an put that in the “up” frame off the button and I made the animation for the rollover effect and put that in the “over” frame of the button. That should work out just fine. The only problem is that the buttons animates when loaded, but that shouldn’t be too big of a problem!:slight_smile:

Yeah… that’s what I was trying to avoid by doing this, was getting rid of the animate when the movie loaded.

There is actually a tutorial that shows how to do the rollovers… the only problem is that the movie loops, and I can 't get it to stop.

Check it:

put a stop on the last frame of your movie.

That doesnt seem to work for me… have you looked at the tutorial? It has an .fla to download so you can try it. It doesn’t work for me.

Maybe u could use this tut:

this should work with what u are trying to do!:slight_smile:

Yeah… that looks better thanks. I’ll try this one and get back to ya.