A great website with a navigation in 3D

That’s very nice, is it yours?

Man, that is amazing! That 3D room is SO awesome!
I’ve seen a couple more sites like that, and I’ve always wondered how on earth they manage to do that…

lots of time and lots of sugar.

I really like the 3d work, not so much the 2D work.

Good job! And I love the entertainment section of your site!

Wow if its your site I’d be proud. I feel the 3d work makes the 2d work a little too standard.

Does anyone know how exactly they do that? Like:

  • what programs do they use
  • how do they import it into flash
  • how do they make it possible to move a ‘camera’ trough the room


i think 3D stuff is done with 3D MAX and the imported the video file into flash