Roman Holiday - a sneak peek

Still working on my photo gallery (thanks Scotty, vman, jimhere, hamidb4 for your help and informative threads/files!!) but it may be awhile so while its still fresh, here are a few shots of interest . . .



nice. :slight_smile:

which one are you in the 4th one… (if you are in it)

Well, if she is in it (I don’t know btw). :wink:

Nice pictures there lunatic. Pic3 is my fav.

Well lunatic is a master of disguise so I’m guessing she’s the guy in the hat :wink:

nice pictures lunatic, looks like you had a great time :thumb:

like the the 4th pic.

Just look at that :beer: :!:


Wow those are some great pics my favs are 1 and 4.

Nice pics man :smiley:

Same places I went like two days later then you :wink:

First one is the bridge of Angels right (dunno if that’s the right translation)… But how did you get that high? Is that taken from inside the mausoleum thing?

Second one is some Piazza I can’t seem to put the name on, third one is a nice shot of the Pantheon… I have similar pictures like that one, but it almost seemed you had to jump into the fountain to get that shot :smiley:

Also, we didn’t do much by night, so that’s a pity :frowning:

Fourth one…Well yeah :wink:

I like 2&3 - nice shots lunatic!

Thanks all! Yep, I’m in one of those pics . . . I’m in the Piazza in pic2 :beam: Just kidding. I’ll let ya’ll figure it out.

1 = view from Castle St. Angelo

2 = view from the building we were staying at that overlooks Camp d’Fiori, apparently one of THE places for young folk to hang out (our rooms were on the other side of the building thankfully but it was still hella loud). That photo was taken at midnight and things were just getting started. Soccer games started around 1 a.m., street performers went all night, and it didn’t quiet down until around 3:00-4:00. And of course the daily outdoor market started setting up around 5:00 . . .

3 = yep, the Pantheon! Our favorite homemade gelatto place was near there so though we tried to go to different places every night we usually ended up there. We did a lot of evening excursions because it was the only time it wasn’t 95 degrees . . .

4 = oh yeah baby! love that the beer comes in liters!
[Pippin voice]** “It comes in pints?!?!” ** [/Pippin voice]


LOL! I was gonna say I thought it was Campo de Fiori, but I wasn’t sure :lol:
We passed trough there on a noon and I ate a Fruit Salad in the bottom right corner of your picture! :smiley: [size=1](There was a really hot waitress there, 'bout my age, and that kinda encouraged me to remember the name of that piazza, so I wrote it down and it was called Campo de Fiori :P)[/size]

It does look pretty different without all the market stalls though :slight_smile:

Yeah, that place changes completely every 12 hours! You can usually smell the fish stall though whether its there or not. :hair:

lol on the hot waitress. The 16 and 17 year olds I was with (in pic 4) made a comment that American girls always think that Italian guys are hot but Italian girls don’t look twice at American guys. :lol:

Don’t know how it works for Belgian guys though :wink:

The pictures look really nice lunatic :slight_smile: I’m guessing you are in Picture 4. It would be tough to spot you in the aerial view pics hehe.

Ow but they do!

That one girl gently walsed up to my table, bent slightly over, looked deep into my eyes and then whispered:…
“That’ll be €8 for that salad please.”



Pic 3 is killer…

yah, its my fav too!:thumb:

Thanks! And I didn’t even have to climb inside the fountain to get it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have another taken that same eve of the fountain full on. You’ll have to wait until the gallery is up though to see it. :soul:

Great pics, lunatic! Glad you got your new camera in time :smiley: - assuming anyway

:thumb: Yes I did! And it totally rules - you can stick it in your pocket (and let me tell you, I am little, so I have LITTLE pockets), takes movies that aren’t limited by time but by the size of your memory card (so I could take 10 minute long mini-movies) and the panoramic feature kicks but! You can take a photo, and then it shows you a little slice of it so you can line it up with the next shot. You can take up to 26 images in one pano. Then when you get home and download it you can use PhotoStitch (comes with the camera) to zip 'em together and export as a QTVR - Quicktime Virtual Reality type thing where you move your mouse and the image spins around the pano. So awesome! I’ll be posting some of those with my gallery.


well i DIDN’T know lunatic was a girl…