Rotate Circle With Mouse Movement

**Hi there!, I’m trying to make a dummy from a circular menu that reacts (rotate) to mouse movement, I uploaded a fla example, different colors, size, etc, but essentially the same in

function; but for now I’m freezed how to do somethings, I’m not a programer or actionscripter, but I want to learn.

Currently using CS3 and AS2, downloading the FLA example may help.

Ok, in the “fla”, you will see a circle who rotates versus mouse movement (I would like to make a delay rotation for a smooth feelling when mouse is moving, those like “_x += (_xmouse/5)” but with rotation. Other thing I would like to do,is… that the movement stops progressively a few degrees before the mouse reach de cian angles(a1,a2), and then, the circles doesn’t move if the mouse is moving under those angles, like a… an inactive area(U1), and if it could work with instances.

Every help is welcome.