Rotating arm on a clock

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there is the hand. Now, I made it so that it drags when you click it and you can let go of the mouse button, but I also made it so that if you click and let go again it will stop draggin. You can edit this code so that you have to click 3 times or more in order to get it to stop Dragging, but I figured that if you are going to be teaching time with this then you might want to be able to stop the draggin at some point.

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and that is the eyes…you want something like that right? let me know, and give me your e-mail address or e-mail me if you want it kept private. [email protected]

I will send you the codes and give you instructions.

Wow, that’s so beautiful, Jubby boy…

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Hey Jubba…

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for the info… those eyes are perfect… the arm on the clock, is great… I’m going to continue to try and figure out the other half - why it doesn’t rotate all the way around… thank you - thank you - thank you…


i hope you figure it out. Its just something minor that you are missing I’m sure of it. I’m having computer troubles (its about to get thrown outt he window) so I am unable to actually provide any real help. So good luck and when I get my computer back I will try to help you.