Rotating arm on a clock


I’m trying to do an education clock to help my daughter learn time… how can I get the small hand to rotate following the mouse as it moves to each time?

Thank you in advance.…D=19.topic

heres a post where Pom 0] creates a sort of lever, if you read through that thread it should give you a place to start.

That code is a real mess… What exactly do you want to do ?? Just drag the small hand around the clock ?

pom 0]

… having it move around the clock with the mouse would be great… but I wouldn’t mind if it just… showed up … on the time that she clicked on… if that makes any sense…

thank you!

I don’t understand :lol:
I’m French, you know, so either you wait for an English speaking person to answer, or you explain very calmly everything you want in that animation, because I really don’t understand…

I know now how you feel Jubba.
pom 0]

I’ll try to give you something. But I need to finish my Anthropology paper so check back in a couple hours.

a tick-tock clock with the hands present (not a digital, hee,hee) … the big hand stays stationary, however when she clicks on say, 1:00 it lights up and says “one o’clock” … as I have it now, there is no small hand that shows up, showing what ‘1:00’ REALLY looks like on a clock… (now I’m confusing myself…) if that SMALL hand were to rotate around the clock (following her mouse) as she moves her mouse around the numbers that would be great… if the easiest way for the SMALL hand to show up is place it in the button - say the 1:00 button - so that when she clicks on it - it says “one oclock” and the small hand shows up as well… then that would be great too… sigh… if this didn’t explain it… then I’ll just make her a digital clock… :slight_smile:

I’ll see what I can do tomorrow, but the clock expert here is Jubby boy, also know as the Crazy Anthropologist.
pom 0]

thanks Jubba… I’ll wait

OK i have something. But I can’t finish it until tomorrow nite, or Wednesday at the latest. Can you wait a couple of days? How soon do you need it? I have the hand so that it is completely moveable… check it out…

<embed src=“” height=250 width=250></embed>

let me know. I can make it so that the numbers will highlight when the hands get near them. I just need a few days.

oh yeah, and let me know if thats what you wanted :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

oh yeah, i’m a little dense. Not to scare you but this does involve quite a bit of actionscript, I can guide you through it every step i’m just warning you. Some things that seem simple in flash, aren’t that simple once you try to do them. But like i said, I can help you, and I can set everything up, so just let me know, but I have to go back to my paper, and I want to know if you want it before i put anymore effort into it.

wow! thanks… stay working on your paper… I don’t need it for a few days… I already have the clock, the numbers, sounds attached to those numbers… those I don’t want to change because I already recorded my daughter’s voice saying each of the times… it’s a funny/happy little clock… the numbers highlight when you move the mouse over them, then they expand to include the #:00 part of it as well as her voice…

I appreciate what you are saying about the intense action script… I asked my teacher and he said "oh… all you have to do is apply a rotation to the center coordinate… blah, blah… and then he kinda faded off… I don’t think he really knew… he didn’t know how to make the eyes follow the mouse either… :frowning:

sorry to be so long.

Actually, when I first viewed your demo up above… I had to click and drag the arm around… the next time, it just simply followed my mouse… THAT’S IT!!! YAY!!!

No need to work any further… that’s it!!!


ok i’ll give ya the code and everything when i get a chance, and I’ll tell ya how to use it. One question:

Do you want to have to click on the hand, or do you want it to just start moving when the hand goes over it?

and the reason it stayed dragging even after you let go of the mouse was because you took the mouse outside the stage area. I think I should change the background so you can see where it ends…i’ll update it in a few. I’m almost done with my paper!

I would love to have it just move without having to click on it… however, there are a few more items on this page and it may be more of a distraction if it continuously moved while she was on another subject…

So the one where she would have to click on it to activate the arm…

can this concept apply to the eyeballs of the clock… am I asking too much? :slight_smile:

what exactly do you want the eye balls to do? do you want them to follow the mouse all over the stage? or are the confined to some area? if they are confined to some area yes i can show you how to do that, and if they are all over hte stage I can do that too…just let me know what you want…

I’m assuming you just want the eyes to look at the mouse right?

Oh yeah, and Pom, I made the thing up there first, and then I took a good look at your code for the lever thing, and its almost exactly the same. I was excited that I coded something that was almost like yours!

shouldn’t you be working on your paper? Anywayz, I just want the eyes to follow the mouse… I did a tutorial at…emove.html … it kinda worked if the clock didn’t have to look to it’s right… and most importantly, about 10 out of 15 of my items no longer worked after I put in the new eyeball code… I’ve tried it 3 times now…

thank you … thank you … thank you…

Hi Jubba!

… when you said, “Do you want to have to click on the hand, or do you want it to just start moving when the hand goes over it?”, I don’t want to click on the hand AND DRAG IT around the clock (like above)… so I guess having it start moving when the hand goes over it would be better… eh?


well i can make it so that when you click on the hand it will start to move, and then you can even let go of the mouse button and it will still follow the mouse

that would be perfect… you’re great! :slight_smile:

I should have it done tonight, but if not then definately done tomorrow night, there is still a few things i have to work out. But I’m getting the eyes done as well, and you should be all set.