Rotating Box Outline

Um… I should know how to do this but I think that part of my brain went on vacation and forgot to tell me.

I have a dashed outline around a box. I want the dashed outline to rotate around the box. I tried making each side a symbol and motion tweening but that doesn’t really work. I tried to rotate it 360 degrees but since it’s a square that really didn’t work.

Any help will be very, very appreciated.


This is the best I could come up with - you might have to adjust the mask a little

That is exactly what I am looking for! I ::::bow:::: to your greatness!

I can see you made movie clips for the animation part and then used a masking layer but… when you have some time… could you tell me how you did the movie clip part? When I take the mask away the movie clips reverse directions so I don’t know how you got them to go the right way. It also looks like you combined 2 movie clips together to get a right angle…


If you think I’m great you should bow to the One who made me great! :slight_smile:

I’ll gladly explain it to you. I’ll put the fla on my site (address is in my footer) and the explanation when I get a moment.