Rotation of Movieclip following mouse - PROBLEM


I am facing problem with a game that i am developing.

This game is simple, Hunter hunts for ghosts which are there in swamp.

The hunter rotates as per the mouse movement (and thats the problem). When I click he (the Hunter) goes to the place where i clicked and stops. When you press the space bar, it takes out its sword and hunts the ghost. pretty simple, huh, but the problem is with the rotation of the hunter.

The problem is that whenever the hunter is taking the angle of 90 or 270, the swf starts to disfunction and generates error.

Can anyone look into the code and please tell me what the problem is. I am looking to the code since last 2 and a half hours.

Thankyou in advance.

I am attaching the fla file and the swf file too.