Hey how do u rotate objects in Flash MX?
cuz in Flash 5 all u had to do, was select the first frame of the object being tweened, and u could select how many rotations u wanted, and either CW, or CCW.

how can i do that for Flash MX? they dun have that function in MX do they?

oh wait a sec…i got it, the properties box just had to be expanded. ahhaa

well you taught me something. I never knew.

Here is a question…how do you flip a graphic over showing the “backside” of it ( as if it were a two sided pic lets say)


castner: just tween the first picture (side one) like it is turning away from you - ie shrink it in the x axis… then at the end of that animation replace the pic with a new one and animate it expanding (turning). Hope that was clear.

As for the og question, I dont know if there is a action for animated rotation in MX.


**** that was quick! thanks! I am new with the axis…I will give that a while.

BTWI went into my MX and did find the rotation in the properties…so that was cool too.

that rotation feature is still there, in the properties panel. You will see it once you select motion tween.