rotationX/Y problem on stageResize - please read

[LEFT]Hi there,

I’m playing around with CS4, AS3 and rotationX and rotationY on a reg-point centered MC base on the mouseX & Y position.

At initial stage size, everything reacts well, rotates and so on,
but when I resize my screen, my MC seems to centers badly on stage (I got a listener and a function to set x and y pos of my MC on stageResize)
and the rotation badly respons to the mouse position.

Here is the code I’m using for the enterFrame rotation

var distx:Number = mouseX / stage.stageWidth; 
var disty:Number = mouseY / stage.stageHeight; /
Tweener.addTween(regPoint, {rotationY:(-70 + (140*distx)), rotationX:(70 - (140*disty)), time:1, transition:"easeOut"}); 

Any idea how I could fix this ?

Thanks a lot !