Router problem Make a sidebar with loop list element

Thank you so much for the React tutorials! I read all and they were very helpful. After reading them, I’m trying to make a Single Page Application with sidebar which show the content on the left.

I wrote a loop list element for sidebar and used Router in the React DOM. I don’t know why but it didn’t work. React debugger didn’t give me any idea what is the problem… Can you help me?

[JSFiddle ] (

Thank you so much in advance,

Hi Ayu!
I’m looking at your JSFiddle. Nothing is currently getting displayed. Is that what I should be seeing, or should I be seeing a page with only a sidebar that doesn’t work?

Kirupa :slight_smile:

Hi Kirupa!

Thank you for your reply.
Sorry for lack of my explanation.
What I want to make is as below. I could show both sidebar and contents before adding router code… X(

Thank you,