RPG game

Hello everyone !!!
We are trying to make somekind of game like an RPG or somekind of online racing game and we need you to join us to create it !!!
if someone willing to participate you must know that you are always welcome !!! All you need is Fresh brain(-:
When we will have enough people to do it we will discuss what game we will create !:slight_smile:

And allmost forgot we will use ourselves as main and other characters !!!

Alreet.Let’s put up a story or something shall we?And offcourse draw some characters:esmirk: in short words…the easy stuff

Sure do you like my idea of making us as characters ?

And what we will begin to create ? RPG ?

So where can we discuss everything ?

My yahoo messenger id is gray_xx so you can discuss anything with me when i am online :slight_smile:

If there anyone who wants to participate in united program please let us know !
If you have any questions related on program you can chat with me in yahoo massenger id is gray_xx or by ICQ 255531918
Thank you for your attention !!!

:block:Why you people afraid that if we fail or something like this don’t you understand that collaborating together we can create something that we would proud of. Even if we fail you won’t lose anything but win because you will obtain knowledge and increase your flash skills !!! So what are you waitnig for ?Let’s do it !!!

ill help with whatever time i can spare

Wellcome clownstaples we have another partner !!!

count me in cuz i know how to du racing things:)

Woow another one welcome !

Greetings raichu ! How can i contact you if i will need you ?

i’ll du what i can i know how to program a scoring system!:battery:

That’s very good !

*Originally posted by Gray_xx *
**Greetings raichu ! How can i contact you if i will need you ? **

emr PM?:beam:

Do you have yahoo messenger handle ?

hmmm Bellsouth Yahoo MSN AIM and one i riged myself but i only use those for ppl i knew along time ago sorry:(

Ok i have an idea !