RPG game

I’m trying to make a RPG game but I have no idea how to make it.:puzzled: Please help me! How the you make a map like when the character moves the map moves with it you know so there is like different places?

LoL. man u have 2 choices.

  1. spend the next year learning actionscript and create ur own RPG
  2. pay sumone to script it for you

or u could get lucky and sumone will script it for free. But an RPG is a very complex system of actionscript. And its even more complex for sumone who duznt know how to use actionscript.

Fine I’ll give up but can you tell me a tutorial how to scroll?!!

why did you want to create something so difficult when you’ve only just started? I doesnt make sense

concerning the scrolling thing:
Just put the map and everything on it (characters,…) inside a Movieclip, and Mask it.
to scroll just move this MC.

btw.: I have to agree with the others. If you do not know how to do the scrolling thing, how will you be abled to write something like an inventory system or a pathfinding Engine then?

i have been really bored i would co-op the game with you when you jandle the graphical side and ill do the AS

Actually I do know some actionscript! But my inventory AS isn’t working! The code is this
currentslotnum = 1;
stop ();
function addToslot (item) {
if (!item.found) {
item._x = eval (“itemSlot” + currentslotnum)._x;
item._y = eval (“itemSlot” + currentslotnum)._y;
item.found = true;

And I put this in the item

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (_root.character.hitTest (this)) {
_root.addToslot (this);

Is Anyone Ever Gonna Answer?

i learn the same way…tossed in the fray. hard stuff first. move the Background movie clip not the charactor. just make him animate.


Walla! The perfect sites to help you out!

Thanks A Lot Man!!!

OOS and Tonypa are like the most well known tilebased tutorial sites.

P.S. I also started right into the hard stuff in actionscripting… Not a good place to start. It leaves you with confusion.