Rules: Photoshop effects battle

Photoshop effects-only battle

Adobe Photoshop

Create a cool piece of art out of an empty stage (at least 1280x1024 pixel)

you shall not import or open extern pictures
you shall not draw (brush tool, rectangle tool,… are not allowed)
the only tool you are allowed to use directly on the canvas (stage) is the marquee tool
use filters, color effects, image adjustments, liquify, to create something cool

10. January 2004 (23:59 servertime)

Ilyas, Phat7, LippuZz, dessoya, McGiver, and everybody else who submits an entry

Ok, as this is my idea, I’ll start :smiley:
click me

4 days and noone else? mine isn’t that good! come on, you can beat that


Just something I whipped up really quickly… :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by Ilyas da Pom *

  1. January 2004 (23:59 servertime)**
    As a matter of fact, we’re not supposed to post anything before :sure:

you posted that. I said the Deadline was 10. January 2004 (23:59 servertime), meaning TILL that date.
so BLAME POM! :wink:

So… When is this battle going to come into play? :slight_smile:

So what if I’m the noob…I saw bunch geeks gett’n all creative and shiznit. So even if this battle maybe past or pending I’ll put my mutation into the fold.

Yes, I completely read the rules just like a person should read the Documentation to setup a unix flavor server.

I made this within 22 clicks, no brushes, no drawing, just a precise chain reaction from where I wanted it to happen.

Hello all! :hr:

P.S. yup, I know what it looks like and it’s like the girly type friend of mine told me, I should go out and just get some more often… :wink:

Cool, I’m in if it isn’t too late!

just completed this for fun, and ran across this battle, thought why not submit it.

Here’s Mine


Edit: woops! Didn’t read the rules enough, not sure if mine counts, text was used (I created the green text in a different 2d program, then imported the text and duplicated it etc. ) someone tell me if it counts.

Edit2: Nope don’t think mine follows the guidelines ;(

i hope im not too late, cept i never saw a deadline thingy, so heres mine, its pretty much just loads of liquidizing stuff lol, i think it looks like ice cubes… oh well heres the link (i cant win it sucks)

3D Nirvana, yours definately breaks the rules. There is no importing allowed…


when is the voting phase???

It should have been in january :frowning:
(the battle was over in january).

meanwhile here another result of too much free time
Yellow roses