Photoshop effects-only battle

the rules:
You start with an empty stage.
You may not import or open any extern images, it must be completely created in photoshop
Apply filters, draw patterns, change colors, and create a cool background image (at least 1280x1024 pixel big)

anyone interested? :pleased:

Yes! :slight_smile:

I’m in

i would like to try also, never battled before tho…

im in…

can you be more specific with “draw patterns” ? How much ‘drawing’ does that entail, and only with patterns?

no, do what you want, no need to use patterns if you don’t want.
but you could for example draw an eye and make it a pattern. :wink:
Well the main rule is, you have to do everything on your own with filters, drawing, manipulating colors, … whatever
use clouds filter, draw a square and Liquify its edges, you just are not allowed to use graphics, images,…

Id do it if I didnt have to draw, but drawing opens up the doors a bit. The better drawers have the better chance.

Sen, it’s not a drawing battle, it’s everything. Maybe someone will come up with some cool effect that’s gonna beat all the drawings y’know :wink:

Well I guess there are already enough participants. if some mod would either make a new sticky with the rules or sticky this one, we could start :slight_smile:
others may join later.

*Originally posted by senocular *
**Id do it if I didnt have to draw, but drawing opens up the doors a bit. The better drawers have the better chance. **
But we have to decide first if drawing is allowed. I agree with Sen here, I think it’s fairer (?? more fair??) not to allow it.

I just think it would be more interesting if your mouse never touched the canvas. That could allow for some interesting results and some creative ways to make things.

I wasn’t talking about drawing a picture at all :wink:
is the usage of for example the rectangle tool allowed then?
or the use of the text tool?
I don’t think this will limit the creativity
is the use of “liquify” allowed then?

its your battle :wink:

well I want a battle that everyone is happy with

ok, no drawing on the canvas.

btw.: are marquee tools allowed?


We could allow everything except the brushes, no? :slight_smile:

I would be very happy with that. I always love to add something like gridlines.
I never really tried something like that, but I think this will be fun :slight_smile:

Photoshop effects-only battle

allowed Programs: Adobe Photoshop

the task: create a cool piece of art out of an empty stage (at least 1280x1024 pixel)

the 4 commandments:
you shall not import or open extern pictures
you shall not draw (brush tool, rectangle tool,… are not allowed)
the only tool you are allowed to use directly on the canvas (stage) is the marquee tool
use filters, color effects, image adjustments, liquify, to create something cool

deadline for entries: 10. January 2004 (23:59 servertime)

who’s in: Ilyas, Phat7, LippuZz, dessoya, me, and everybody else who submits an entry

Rectangle tool not allowed?? I thought we said only the brushes :h: