Run Faster?

Which do you think would run faster, 2 loops running 10 times, or 10 loops running 2 times?

test it out?

how am I supposed to do that?

cause its really just a test of how to do collision tests between a number of movieclips…

2 loops looping 10 times each would run faster than 10 loops looping 2 times each (assuming initialization and reference take the same time in both situation) because it actually it actually check its 1 time before exitting… so to sum up 2 loops looping 10 times has 22 if statements and 10 loops looping twice has 30 if statements

sweet thanx

var startTime = getTimer () ;
// do your processing
trace ( "Elapsed time: " + (getTimer () - startTime) ) ;

thats smart I’ll try it thanx