Running php scripts with flash no webserver?


as i could here, we can run php scripts on a local machine with no webserver, only by using php.exe. Does anyone know how to use it with flash? Would fscommand(“exec”) work??

Tia :slight_smile:

i read that you can use .exe in a fscommand folder…

The only problem is that Flash cannot pass any parameter when using fscommand() function… Uh… Maybe you should be able to call it if you use third party projector tools…

What if you write a batch file that calls php with the correct arguments ("< filename.php"), and then use fscommand() to execute the batch file?

how would you do that ? :slight_smile:

Create a file named 'execute.txt’
In that file, put 1 line that says 'php.exe < filename.php’
Rename the file 'execute.bat’
In flash, use fscommand to run ‘execute.bat’