Salvador marley Vs. exorxist Vs. Idol Thoughts

Ok so here it is

Size:800 X 600 pixels
Theme: Everyday events gone wrong
Time Limit per entry:1 week
Order: exorxist-Idol Thoughts-Salvador marley

Idol, I thought you were gonna post the starting image! haha, I did not save the one you showed me last night. I’ll try to find it, but probably will not be able to. If I find it I will let you know. LEt’s get it on!

so, we’re working from a common image?

Ok i’m in and wait for the image to get posted.

No, the way we’re doing it is, the 1st person (Idol made me the first person) modifies the stock image. Then whoever is next takes the JPG from the previous person, and tries to use something in it on their image. Could be the background, an item, shapes, etc. So that it builds from submission to submission. The reason we’re doing JPG exchange is because I am on a trip in Argentina, and I have access to the internet through a really slow dialup connection. PDF’s would take hours and hours! haha.

I found the starting image Idol picked. Here’s a small version of it. I will get started when I have a minute today, I think I should be done by tomorrow sometime. (family calls)

ah :slight_smile:

So ex are you going to start this or what man come on we are waiting.

I´m really sorry guys, between work and being with the family I will not get to it for another 2 days, so we should change the order to idol - salvador - me. I´m sorry I kept you guys waiting, but it´ll be a lot better for me if u start it off idol. Let me know if that´s fine with both of you.

Yeah, no probs at all. This is just fun anyway, so good luck now to idol who will start the ball rolling - great

Go for it idol. :slight_smile:

ALRIGHT ill start but im changing the stock image.

Okie dokie its here… … i mean there.

Which pic? When i click on the link i go to page that has an advert for deviant art at the top and then some smaller thumbnail pics at the right side of the page.

are you sure when i click it. it goes to the image. but try it again and if not ill re-post.

absolutely 100% sure :slight_smile:

I got to see it. Good start idol, can you post a link to the stock image sometime? It looks like it’s gonna be good. Let’s see what Salvador will do.