Sam Fisher is back with Pandora Tomorrow (splinter cell 2)

Super Spy Extraordinaire quote from

*Allow me to reintroduce Sam Fischer, professional badness. He stalks his terrorist prey patiently, lurking in the shadows until the most opportune moment – like a turned back, cigarette break, or untamed shoelace – allows him to pop out and strangle gun-totting pansies, killing them with the utmost silence and precision. Then again, you probably know him pretty well already.

The Tom Clancy-created character rocketed to instant stardom last year by flaunting his stealthy skills in the original Splinter Cell – the kind of celebrity that folks like Tom Cruise or, say, Paris Hilton, strived for years to achieve. With a personality fueled by Michael Ironside’s guttural voice and screenwriter JT Petty’s witty, gritty one-liners, he’s the kind of talented super spy that Bond always dreamed of maturing to.*
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Fisher…check your OPSAT for details… lol… :P.