Same external swf loading on each transition

I’ve been using the transitions between external swfs tutorial here at kirupa to build the site i’m currently working on.

I have 7 menu items and 7 external swfs. Unlike the tutorial example, my nav exists in a separate movie clip. I think I have altered the paths all correctly (first time ActionScripter). My problem is that every time I click a button, the outro for the original MC plays, and the intro for the same MC replays. Basically no matter what button I’m clicking, the original MC just seems to reload and play again.

I’ve uploaded a zip of my fla and swf files to, if any kind soul would like to take a look at it. It’s around 1.2mb (I hope that’s not too big). A similar question has been posted here before and it seems like the problem is with the actionscript in the final frame of my external swfs. However I couldn’t get any of the solutions to work. It could be something to do with my altered paths maybe?

If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.