What is your:

  1. Favorite kind of sandwich? (Bread, Fillings, hot or cold, etc.)

  2. Where do you go out to get sandwiches? (It’s ok to have more than one)


  1. Turkey on white. Turkey, Tomato, Lettuce, Mayo, Mustard,
    There are others, but thats the long standing favorite.

  2. I’m mixed on this one.
    Firehouse Subs, Jimmy Johns, and Subway - in that order.

1.IF it’s got cheese and cold cuts in it then i will eat it

2.Blimpie Blimpie and if i really feel tired of Blimpie, Subway

Viva Los Cubanos! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rev is right… Apple Butter is awesome… my grandmother used to made Grape Butter and Apple butter… Ohhh man was that ever delectable… :smiley:

I’d have to say my favorite sandwich is a Ham and Cheese Melt with tomato, mayo, and ranch dressing… On a pretzel roll :wink: