Whats your favorate food?


Rocky Mountian Oysters, mmmmmmmm :cowboy:



Ryall… you’re a sick puppy.

I think right now it’s not so much a single food, but meals that I enjoy.

My favorite single food though has got to be fresh pumpkin pie.

gotta be a fat filet mignon, cooked Pittsburg Blue, with a buerre rouge (sorry, my french is terrible) sauce… slurp…


My mom’s spaghetti!! =)

YumYum…! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta agree with Rev on that one (what’s Pittsburg blue??), even though a good Pad Thaï with Chicken, or a nice Green Curry with chicken, with some steamed sticky rice is tempting too.

goes back eating nutella and bread

Pittsburg Blue = black on outside, blue on the inside… yummmmmm


hmm, My favorote food, other than this peice of wood i found in the fireplace… i’d have to say… Oh no! I cant believe this! I DONT HAVE A FAVORITE FOOD!! Ok ok dont panic, im not as unnormal as people think… Great i just told everyone i wasent normal… ok calm down… calm down… clam down… hmm. clam… Wait! THats it! My favorite food is Clam… shower? no… that doesnt sound right… clam powder… no… hmm chow… clam chow… clam chow… der… THAts It Clam Chowder! =)

Actually i like alot of different types of food etc… so I DOnt have a fav oh no!! Ok ok dont panic, im not as unnormal. …

Hi all!
I really like Indian food (all variations/flavors of it). Me being Indian/Asian would have nothing whatsoever to that being my favorite type of food. Nothing at all…only an unbiased opinion from me, as always =)

Kirupa :asian:

I only eat pizzas and poptarts.

ok…come on, let’s keep the place decent; some things are just not meant to be analyzed and discussed beyond a certain point :slight_smile: There are other places to answer such topics.

Kirupa :q:

Yes please! I can’t believe that made it here!

Now let’s steer this back into the right direction. I love anything Japanese and Mexican.

a good Mole’ is tough to beat… :stuck_out_tongue:

My girlfriend loves sushi… I have to keep cooking all the time to keep her from running down and just “buying” dinner…

Oh, well, it could be worse, I mean she could like Jack-in-the-box… :evil: