Save Button

I am clueless on how to make a save button, does anyone know how to make a save button?
It’s for my button clicker game.

Uh, the same way you make any other button. I suppose then you could start sending your content to save to PHP into a db.

I have no idea how to create a database, Im running a school laptop and I don’t have coldfusion. Can you also help me with that?
I have no idea on how to make flash send data to a php either (I know i’m a noob)

This easiest way would to use the SharedObject object, it’s like a cookie but for Flash. Here is simple example which counts the number of times you have pressed the mouse. If you close the Flash Player and re-open it, the counting will continue where you left off. Press any key to reset the count.

//access the savedData SharedObject, if it doesn't exist this method will create it
this.soData = SharedObject.getLocal("savedData");
//if the clicks property is undefined, ie hasn't been created . . .
if( == undefined) {
	//. . . set it to 0 = 0;

this.onMouseDown = function():Void {
	//output the incremented clicks variable

//add this as a listener to the Key class
this.onKeyDown = function():Void {
	//reset the clicks property to 0 = 0;

That works too… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re still interested in learning more about MySQL and Flash, you might want to follow this guide:

won’t work(the second post above me with the AS) go to my site (in my sig) and look on the main page you will see the flash to the left.
I visit another part of my site and then go back but it sets the counter back to zero.
Am I supposed to put the AS on the button or stage?