Save Current Image

I have a flash file i’ve created where I load a product image and a logo image, both using loadmovie.

I make the logo image draggable – so you drag it around and place it somewhere on the product.


After the user drags the image to where they want it, I would like for them to click a button and pass “something” back to the server to save the image on the server.

I have thought about capturing the x,y cordinates and passing them back and rebuilding the image on the fly (rebuilding with x,y cordinates) when needed.

Is there an easier way?



you want the image to be saved? or the way the image looks inside those coordinates?

Preferably save the “image” like a gif or jpg or something (picture of the logo on the product). As a second best I’m thinking I’d have to pass some data back to the server and “recreate” the image using the coordinates of where the user had placed the logo.

Make sense?



yah… we have an old post on here somewhere that deals with same issue. In either case, you may be dealing with scripts and perhaps a database… php and MySQL

to avoid that, you will have to limit where they will place the logo and “prepackage it”, which mainly means that you will have some pre-done pictures of a logo in certain locations. Not knowing your application, all I can do is speculate.

I will try to locate that post… no promises though… they’re hidden around somewhere.