Saving Gas

Given the price of gas, I started thinking about what I could do to help in not use so much of it as I drive. Granted, things like carpooling or public transportation would be ideal, but I don’t have that option. What I did provided some surprisingly noticable results (which I did not expect).

3 main changes to my weekly commute:
[*]Slowing down: Reducing speed at high speeds (55 mph+) or keeping fairly low rpms in a high gear (without lugging the engine). I stopped driving at 75 and started sticking to 55-65 - depending on the speed of the traffic around me; dont want to be too slow compared to them.

[*]Slower Acceleration: Fast acceleration can suck up a lot of gas. I started pulling away from turns and lights more slowly and steadily, being cautious not to be pressing the gas in too much to accelerate.

[*]Avoiding Rush Hour: Driving in rush hour means driving in traffic which means using more gas (think city milage vs highway milage). I started coming to work earlier and leaving later to avoid the traffic. Today I couldn’t sleep and got to work rediculously early - early enough to not have to worry about 3/4 of the lights on my commute as they weren’t yet in operation. With no traffic and less stopping at lights, Im able to keep a high gear at a steady, not too fast speed while avoiding other cars and stopping/accelerating. It doesn’t even take me an hour to get to/from work now. Of course I spend more of my day at work, but I spend time on the computer at home too, so whats the difference? An afternoon walk to get out for a bit and I’m able to cope.
Im actually to get through a whole working week on one tank of gas now. :disco: