Saving information from the output panel to a text file

Hi there,

I am trying to save information that I have displaying in my output panel to a .txt fille. I have tried this tutorial here: but it is not working for me.

I have the output panel displaying information such as:

image URL: http://localhost/BitmapExporter.php?mode=download&name=88ba5d956340771c436be08bd25eb7c5.jpg
image filename: 88ba5d956340771c436be08bd25eb7c5.jpg
image uniqueID: 88ba5d956340771c436be08bd25eb7c5
sentBytes: 1229084
time: 9354
compressionRatio: 1.00023111979167

I need to somehow save this information to a text file so I can forward it onto my email. Or if anyone knows a way to forward information from the output panel to your email it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance for any help, I cant seem to find anything on google!

Thanks again,