Saving transparency

Ii’m using photoshop 7 and have created a picture with a transparent background, how can i keep the transparency when i save it because every time i try to save it as a gif, jpeg, etc it loses the transparency.
Saving asa psd or png is not suitable.

Can anyone help?

gif and png are the only transparant formats.


tga also does it if I’m correct.:wink:

as well as rzi, i forgot :stuck_out_tongue:


whats been happening here !

tga, rzi??? I just wanna have my avator with some transparency. ie. sothat you can still see what behind it.

To answer the question :wink: - in PS 7 use the ‘Save for web’ feature. A new work area pops up and you firstly select GIF in the top-left dropdown (in the panel on the right of the screen). Then make sure the Transparency box is checked and click on the save button.

Your resulting gif will now have a transparent background :slight_smile: