Scaling of MC nested in another MC

Good Evening,

Again I am having issues with my flash and would appreciate if I could get some advice on how to fix it.

Currently I am reading in dynamic images from a xml file which loads the files names into a array. From there I load a empty movie clip from the library onto the stage on layer 20. There I load one of the images into the movie clip. I have gotten it to work where on event of click of a particular button the movie will load another image on the same layer.

My issue currently now is when i load two images into the MC at once. Both images gets loaded in but I find that they are scaeled and out of proportion. But when it loads them individually it is fine. Way I have manage to load the two images at once is by having a empty MC but nested in it are two other MC placed in the right position at the right dimension for the images to load into.

I know that the images are being called and I know that images when imported in by themselves are the right dimensions. I know that the images loading in are at the right x,y position on the top corner left hand side. What I do not know is why the scaling and distortion.

Again much apreciated if I can get advice on why this is happening.

Thank You