Scariest Experience of my life

I’ve been through some scary ****, but tonight was the scariest moment ever. I have had a cold recently, and I went to bed tonight unable to breath through one nostril. Well anyways I was drifting to sleep, but then I woke up, and something felt weird to me. Then I realized that it was that I was lying too still. I couldn’t move. I tried to move, but it was as though I was frozen in place, and then I began to panic. It was because I realized that I wasn’t breathing! I managed to open my mouth, but I wasn’t breathing still. So I had to try to focus on breathing so hard, but I couldn’t feel my body or anything, so I wasn’t sure whether or not I was actually getting air into my lungs. And I couldn’t move. I wasn’t idly trying to move either, I was literally freaking out trying to change my body position, but I couldn’t feel my body or move an inch. Well I guess I was in fact breathing, because I was finally able to thrash out my body and sit up and start to breath again. I thought I was going to die. It was so frightening. I am almost positive it was due to oxygen deprevation. The reason I couldn’t move was because there wasn’t enough oxygen so my body “froze up” or something. My nose is still clogged, so I’m afraid to go to sleep. Jeebus.